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#0to60 Campaign is commorating the 60th anniversary of the Presidential Council on Fitness, Sports and Nutrition.  We encourage you to  visit the #0to60 website download the app.

Build Career Muscle

Facilitating, encouraging and championing professional development is our focus. Becoming a respected, health education leader involves staying current in one’s field. KAHPERD provides many opportunities to help members expand knowledge, strengthen teaching skills, and increase confidence to become a more effective professional educator.

Be Part of the Team

You can strengthen your own career by: 

  • Attending workshops and conventions
  • Networking with colleagues to share solutions and ideas
  • Trying new activities and programs
  • Reading articles about new ideas in newsletters and journals
  • Implementing innovative assessments
  • Discovering practical uses of technology  ... and much more


Be A Career Coach

You can help others with professional development by:

  • Presenting ideas and successful programs at workshops and conventions 
  • Suggesting workshop topics of interest
  • Participating in informal networking
  • Publishing articles in professional journals
  • Sharing information on social media

Share your expertise by getting in touch with KAHPERD, contact Executive Director, Vicki J. Worrell at: vworrell@emporia.edu or call (316) 634-3928.


SPEAK Out: PE + Health = Student Success

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