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50 Million Strong by 2029

The goal of SHAPE America’s 50 Million Strong by 2029 is to “put all children on the path to health and physical literacy through effective health and physical education programs”. You can help make this a success by getting all kids active 60+ minutes a day, helping them make healthy choices and preparing them to maintain positive behaviors for a lifetime. This is done through the areas of effective instruction, healthy behaviors and physical activity and advocacy.

Here are a few ideas from the KAHPERD 50 Million Strong Ad Hoc Committee to help “put your students on the path to health and physical literacy”!

  • Add a PE tab to your school web page and include information about your program, include a list of the National Physical Education Standards
  • Utilize local parks to encourage families to be active together
  • Promote the benefits of having recess before lunch
  • Promote local fun runs and walks with your staff and students
  • Invite teachers to participate in your class (maybe a reward could be they get to wear comfortable clothes the day they participate!) 

·         For QPE lessons check out these two web sites which are free and have great ideas for standards based lessons: OPEN (www.openphysed.org) and PE-Kansas (www.pe-kansas.com).

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