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Funding Progress through KAHPERD Grants

KAHPERD awards a limited number of grants each year:  Member Grants and Project Incentive Grants. 

Member Grants — A KAHPERD Member Grant may be awarded to a KAHPERD member who is able to demonstrate a need for full or partial funding for an innovative or creative activity designed to enhance wellness within a school. Project details, such as objectives; expected outcomes; activities, procedures and timelines; an evaluation plan; and a detailed budget plan, are all required as part of the grant application.

Project Incentive Grants — A KAHPERD Project Incentive Grant may be awarded to a KAHPERD member who works at the College/University level.  These funds are to provide professional development and training for KAHPERD professionals and student majors.

Member Grants

Member Grant 

Members may apply for grant money up to $1,500 for innovative and/or creative activity that enhances wellness within a school.

Grant applications must be received by September 30.

All projects must be completed within one year from receipt of funding. If the grant is not completed in the one year, the Grants Committee may give one, six-month extension or request all money and equipment previously granted be refunded to KAHPERD.

Grant winners will be required to submit a short video showcasing their project in action to the grant chair.  These videos will be used by KAHPERD for social media purposes.  Please ensure that release granting permissions have been obtained for all images provided.

The Grant Committee will monitor the progress of these grants and see to it that appropriate documentation is submitted to the KAHPERD Treasurer. 

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Applying for Project Incentive Grants

Colleges and universities may apply for money through Project Incentive Grant. This is a program in which colleges and universities may be awarded up to $1500 to provide unique opportunities to improve the status of HPERD in the state of Kansas.

  • If a project is funded and not completed within eight months of funding, 100% of the money must be refunded to KAHPERD.
  • If a project is funded and then cancelled, 90% of the money must be refunded to KAHPERD.
  • A college/university may receive only one KAHPERD Project Incentive Grant per year.
  • Grant winners must also write an article for the journal regarding their grant.

Grand applications must be received by September 30. 

The grant should be submitted in an electronic format to the KAHPERD Grant Chair, Jim Brown.

The Grant Committee will monitor the progress of these grants. A final report of the project, along with receipts, must be submitted in writing to the KAHPERD Grant Chair no later than six months after the completion of the project. 

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