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Brain Breaks and Websites

November 2018 Brain Break


True or False

Students stand at their desk for this activity.  The teacher calls out a statement (can be fun/silly facts or related to academic content).  Students respond to each statement by marching in place if the answer if true or doing jumping jacks if the answer if false.  After about 10 seconds of the activity, stop the students and read another statement. 

Variation:  Have students write a statement and read it and the class responds with their answer.

Change the movement for true and false answers.  (True they stay seated and alternate punching arms in the air, false stand up and do cross crawls.)


April 2017 Brain Breaks

Just a Jump to the Left

Students stand in a single file line facing the same direction. The class is asked a question and they must decide if the answer is true or false. If they think the answer is false, they jump to the left and if they think it is true they jump to the right. If they are correct, they get a point. After each question, rotate the person in the front to the back of the line.

Trading Places

Have students stand behind their pushed-in chairs. Call out a trait, and everyone who has that trait must change places with someone else (students who do not have the trait stay where they are). Examples: “Everyone with curly hair.” “Everyone who ate cereal for breakfast.” “Everyone who is wearing stripes.” 

February 2017 Brain Breaks

ABC, 123

Description of Activity: Everyone is standing up for this activity. Use your index finger and write a large "A" in the air out in front of you and at the same time say out loud the number "1". Now use your index finger and write a large "B" in the air out in front of you and at the same time say out loud the number "2”. Continue writing the letters in the air and saying the numbers out loud as far as you can go or until the end of the alphabet.


Sladkey, D. (17 July 2014). Energizing Brain Breaks; Brain Break Therapy. Retrieved from http://brainbreaks.blogspot.com/

Do This, Do That

Description of Activity: One student is the leader and performs various movements while giving commands of “Do This” or “Do That.” All players execute the movements accompanied by “Do This.” If the directions are “Do That,” no one is to move. Those who move at the wrong time are eliminated and sit down in place. The game continues until some of the students have been eliminated. The game is then re-formed with another leader, who is selected from the students who were not caught.

December 2016 Brain Breaks

Snakes and Ladders

Two students are selected to sit in the two chairs with their backs to the class. They are asked a question that requires them to guess or predict something. Both students’ answers are written on the board and then the rest of the class has 10 seconds to stand behind the student they think is the closest to the actual answer. If they stand behind the student who is closest, they get one point. Choose two new students to come to the front and start over.

Bicycle Race

Students stand in the aisle between two rows of desks. Alternate rows perform at a time. Students place one hand on their own desk and one on the desk next to them. On the signal “Go,” the students, supported by their hands, imitate a bicycling motion with their legs. The child who rides the longest without touching the floor is the winner for the row. Winners can compete later for bicycle riding champion of the room.


November 2016 Brain Breaks


In this simple game, students stand up and the teacher (or leader) has them do five different movements in descending order. For example the teacher would say: “Do five jumping jacks, spin around four times, hop on one foot three times, walk all the way around the classroom two times, give your neighbor one high-five (pausing in between each task for students to do it).

Classroom Tic Tac Toe

Arrange 9 chairs or spaces forming a Tic Tac Toe Grid.  Divide the class into 2 groups.  One on each side of the grid.  Declare one side Team “X” and the other side Team “O”.   Number the players on each side.……. When the class is ready the teacher calls out a number.  The student with that number sits on any open chair they want.  The first person to sit stays and forms an ‘O” or an ‘X’ (depending on what their team was assigned with their hands above their head and the other person goes back to their group.  Continue and play until one of teams win Tic-Tac-Toe by having 3 in a row any direction.

May 2016 Brain Breaks

Toe to Toe

K-8 Activity   (Really good for Middle School to start their classes with)

1. As students enter the classroom, greet them at the door and ask them to put their belongings down, and begin to walk around the classroom, in no particular pattern.

2. When all of the students are in the classroom, tell them to quickly find someone and get

“toe-to-toe” with that person.

3. Instruct the students to greet their toe-to-toe partner.

4. Ask the students to share with their partner something they learned in class the day before,

and then jog in place.

5. Once everyone is jogging, instruct the students to walk to another partner and get elbow-to-elbow with that person.

6. Instruct the students to greet their elbow-to-elbow partner.

7. Ask the students to share with their new partner a question about what they learned

yesterday, and then do 10 jumping jacks.

8. Students should continue exchanging partners and sharing different types of information

until the class is sufficiently “warmed up.”

9. Tell the students to go to their seats, and then have a few of them share the questions they

had about yesterday’s lessons.

Now try this:

1. Conclude every class with this activity, summarizing what they learned during class that day.

2. Possible “partner” commands: knees, pinkies, thumbs, shoulders, backs, hips, heels, etc.

5. Possible “share with your partner” commands: a physical activity you did with your family

over the weekend, what you did in PE class today, what you want to be when you grow up,


Hands Brain

1.  Stand Up.

2.  Start by waving your right hand in front of you left to right.  Your palm should be facing away from you while keeping your hand with your fingers pointing up. 

3.  Now stop that hand and have your left hand in front of you waving it up and down.  

4.  Now practice moving them at the SAME TIME.  Do not move your hands going diagonally.  

5.  Now switch to have your right hand up and down and your left hand left and right.  Do this faster and switch often to make it more difficult.

6.  Lastly, to increase the difficulty, have your arms crossed while doing this.




April 2016 Brain Break Ideas

Toe Tapping

1. Stand Up.
2. Face your partner.
3. Both you and your partner put out your right leg and tap your right feet together 1 time and say "1" out loud.
4. Tap your left feet together 3 times and say "3" out loud.
5. Tap your right feet together 2 times and say "2" out loud.
6. Continue the 1,3,2 toe tapping pattern alternating feet.
7. See how fast you can go.

Number Spots

1.  Stand Up and find a partner
2.  Here are the spot values:  right shoulder = 1, right ear = 2, nose = 3, left ear = 4 and left shoulder is 5.
3. Without talking, one person will touch two of their own number spots and the other person will have to say the numbers out loud and then add them together.  
4.  Once one person has done a few problems, the other person can give some problems.  

*You can change number values and how you combine them.

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March 2016 Brain Break Ideas

Class Concerto (3-8)

Divide your students into groups of equal numbers.  Tell each group that they must work together as a team and come up with a sound that they can make as a group repeatedly and a movement to go with that sound that can also be repeated.  When all groups have decided upon a group sound and movement explain the concerto concept:

*Maestro (teacher) will point at the group to get them to do their sound and movement.  the group continues until the stop indication.

*If the teacher holds up a hand, the group must stop their sound and movement.

*The teacher will show what indicates loud and soft, start and stop.

Card Suits

  1. Draw the different card suits on the board. (hearts, clubs, diamonds, spades)
  2. Under each picture put an activity you want them to do in the room and a number. (jumping jacks, high five a partner, push-ups, etc.)
  3. Spread the cards in four places in the room face down.
  4. Students go to each place to flip over one card, perform the activity, then take the card to one of the other three locations and place it face down.
  5. Students then draw a new card.

You can make it competitive by having students keep track of how many different cards they got to do.

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February 2016 Brain Break Ideas

Jump In, Jump Out (5-12)

Have all students form a circle holding hands and take the Jump In, Jump Out challenge!

    *Round 1-Leader instructs “Say what I say, do what I say”.

    *Round 2-Leader instructs “Say opposite of what I say, but do what I say”.

    *Round 3-Leader instructs “Say what I say, but do the opposite of what I say”.

-To do this challenge, participants do not necessarily need to hold hands.

I Can Feel It

  • Get a partner and stand with your back to them.
  • The partner facing the back runs to front of the room and grabs two (match flash cards) or just plain playing cards from a pile.  Add the two numbers in his or her head.
  • He/she runs back to partner and writes the answer on their partners’ back.  The partner guesses the answer if correct they get a point.
  • Switch.  Do as many as you can in one minute.  Compare to class.
  • For younger kids you could do shapes or have the write the number on the card on partners back and have them guess the answer.

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January 2016 Brain Break ideas

Foot 5 
1. Stand Up.
2. Face your partner.
3. Both you and your partner put out your right leg and tap your right feet together 1 time and say "1" out loud.
4. Tap your left feet together 3 times and say "3" out loud.
5. Tap your right feet together 2 times and say "2" out loud.
6. Continue the 1,3,2 toe tapping pattern alternating feet.
7. See how fast you can go.

Pen Flipping

1.  Stand Up.

2.  Take a pen and flip it ONE REVOLUTION.  (Imagine a piece of tape on one end of the pen, then throw the pen from the tape side.  Have the pen go one full turn around to get to the tape side again) 

3.  Now do the same thing with your other hand.  

4.  Now get a pen for both hands and try to do both pens at the same time.  

5.  If you really are good at that, then try to throw the pens up into the air and catch them in opposite hands.  This is tough.  

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December 2015 Brain Break Ideas

ABC 123 Brain Break

Students stand and are instructed to say a letter, starting with "A:, while at the same time write a number in the air that corresponds to that letter, i.e. say "A:, write "1".  Continue through the alphabet saying the letters and writing the corresponding number in the air with index finger.

Connect Two

  • The teacher has index cards with questions or terminology on them and separate cards with the answer/definition.  (use topics discussed in class or great for review)
  • Each student provided a card.
  • When all cards have been distributed, the students walk around the area and search for the correct match to their card.
  • When correct match is found, the two students hop up and down (or any agreed movement) until each student finds a match.  Share the matched results with the class.

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KAHPERD and Let's Move Active Schools

Let's Move Active Schools

Let’s Move! Active Schools is the physical activity and physical education solution to ensure 60 minutes of physical activity is the new norm for schools. 

By equipping school leaders and educators with the tools to create an active learning environment, Let’s Move! Active Schools helps our schools get moving and our kids leading active, successful lives. 

Regular physical activity helps students succeed in school and in life. In addition to keeping kids health and strong, being active for 60 minutes a day has been shown to:

  • Boost academic performance
  • Increase concentration and focus
  • Improve classroom attendance and behavior

Benefits for Members

As an “active school” numerous opportunities for funding are available. In addition, there are opportunities for professional development, great resources available on the web site, and state-wide training opportunities are announced to KAHPERD members.

How the Partnership Works

Each school needs a champion (preferably the physical education teacher) and a team of “cheerleaders.”  These people can be parents, other teachers, school staff members or community members. After signing up a school will be guided through a three step process. The steps are “Evaluate,” “Activate,” and “Celebrate.”

2016 Kansas Let’s Move! Active Schools

National Award Recipients

Black Traditional Magnet Elementary (Wichita USD 259)

Bostic Traditional Magnet Elementary (Wichita USD 259)

Earhart Environmental Magnet School (Wichita USD 259)

Ell-Saline Elementary School (Salina USD 307)

Enders Open Magnet School (Wichita USD 259)

Jefferson Elementary School (Wichita USD 259)

Lawrence Elementary School (Wichita USD 259)

Mayberry Cultural-Fine Arts Middle School (Wichita USD 259)

McLean Science Technology Magnet (Wichita USD 259)

Oak Grove Elementary School (USD 202

OK Elementary School (Wichita USD 259)

Riverside Leadership Magnet Elementary (Wichita USD 259)

Rockville Elementary School (Louisburg USD 416)


2015 Kansas LMAS National Recognition Award Recipients

  • Anderson Elementary School (Wichita USD 259)
  • Bentley Primary School (Halstead-Bentley USD 440)
  • Caldwell Elementary School (Wichita USD 259)
  • Christa McAuliffe Academy (Wichita USD 259)
  • College Hill Elementary School (Wichita USD 259)
  • Curtis Middle School (Wichita USD 259)
  • Dodge Literacy Magnet Elementary School (Wichita USD 259)
  • Franklin Elementary School (Wichita USD 259)
  • Gardiner Elementary School (Wichita USD 259)
  • Gertrude Walker Elementary School (Garden City USD 457)
  • Jackson Elementary School (Wichita USD 259)
  • Jennie Barker Elementary School (Garden City USD 457)
  • Kensler Elementary School (Wichita USD 259)
  • Linwood Elementary School (Wichita USD 259)
  • L’Ouverture Computer Technology Magnet School (Wichita USD 259)
  • Maize Middle School (Maize USD 266)
  • Maize South Middle School (Maize USD 266)
  • Minneha Core Knowledge Magnet School (Wichita USD 259)
  • Pleasant Valley Elementary School (Wichita USD 259)
  • Richard Warren Middle School (Leavenworth USD 453)
  • Slate Creek Elementary School (Newton USD 373)
  • Stanley Elementary School (Wichita USD 259)
  • Trailwood Elementary School (Shawnee Mission USD 512)
  • Washington Accelerated Learning Elementary School (Wichita USD 259)
  • White Elementary School (Wichita USD 259)
  • Woodland Health/Wellness Magnet Elementary School (Wichita USD 259)
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