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Mentoring NOW is the Key to a Strong Future!!!

KAHPERD is seeking experienced health/physical educators to pass on their knowledge to our new professionals who are joining our KAHPERD community!!





KAHPERD Mentorship Program

What is it?


A group of KAHPERD members that are willing to be matched with young professionals to help guide them through their first year teaching experience.  Through this program, mentors will reach out to their mentees to help guide them through their first teaching experience.  Examples of possible guidance given by mentors:


  • Network of resources to benefit and guide in teaching practices
  • Guidance through lesson plan building, classroom management, grading practices, unit organization, and activity ideas.
  • Identify popular “can’t miss” KAHPERD events and sessions
  • The benefits of KAHPERD/being a part of a professional community
  • Help listen to problems, provide guidance to help new educators grow
  • Provide personal contact to help balance first year issues


KAHPERD will be in contact with universities to seek out graduating students going into their first year teaching experiences.  Mentors will be given a mentee prior to the start of their upcoming school year.  Contact information will be provided. 


7125 SW 17th St. | Topeka, KS 66615  | 417 483-3273