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KAHPERD and the Presidential Youth Fitness Program

The Presidential Youth Fitness Program (PYFP) is a free, voluntary program that focuses on three areas:

• Professional development for physical educators
• A health-related fitness assessment
• Motivational recognition to empower students to adopt and maintain an active lifestyle

The PYFP provides a model for fitness education within a comprehensive, quality physical education program. It emphasizes appropriate instructional practices and communication before, during and after the fitness assessment takes place.

The program uses FITNESSGRAM®, which provides an efficient way for physical educators to perform evidence-based health-related fitness assessments.

Adopting the Presidential Youth Fitness Program means that your school understands the value of developing healthy, active students who are ready to learn and shows your community that your school is participating in THE national fitness assessment. Implementing the program also helps schools meet the National Physical Education Standard 3.

Getting Started is Easy. FREE Resources Are Available! It’s the mission of the Presidential Youth Fitness Program to provide a model for fitness education that includes all of the resources needed to empower students to live healthy and active lifestyles. 

Visit www.pyfp.org to get started.

7125 SW 17th St. | Topeka, KS 66615  | 417 483-3273